Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch (asmor) wrote,
Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch

Last week I was at Barnes & Nobles and picked up a moleskine. It's got graph paper, which is a personal favorite of mine... I've been keeping it in my pocket with a bic ballpoint pen, but something as nice as a moleskine demands an equally nice writing implement...

And it just came today. My new Bullet Space Pen. And it is entirely too cool for school. It's tiny and strong, but when you put the cap on the other end it's full-sized so it's comfortable to write with. And it's got a good amount of heft to it, which is also quite nice. And it's got my name engraved in it, too. :)

Total cost was $18.70 + $2.50 for the engraving, free shipping. Got it off eBay.

Also really amusing: It came with a much crappier ballpoint pen, the sort companies buy to put their names on and give away. And this one says, "My other pen was bought from Cyber Space Pens."

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