Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch (asmor) wrote,
Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch

4:37 PM - .:|JYP|:. Soundwave:
4:38 PM - Asmor: meh
4:38 PM - .:|JYP|:. Soundwave: Downloading it because I know it will get taken down
4:39 PM - Asmor: Why would it get taken down?
4:39 PM - .:|JYP|:. Soundwave: FPSBanana admins are becoming Nazi-like
4:39 PM - .:|JYP|:. Soundwave: Anything that might be slightly offensive to anyone gets the boot
4:40 PM - Asmor: Yeah, that is really nazi-ish. Those nazis hated offending anyone.
4:40 PM - .:|JYP|:. Soundwave: jafnajfbasjgs
4:40 PM - .:|JYP|:. Soundwave: I hate you
4:40 PM - Asmor: I hate people who degrade the horrors of nazis by misusing the term hyperbolistically.
4:40 PM - .:|JYP|:. Soundwave: Touche

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