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Woohoo! I'm rich, bitch! Just got this email:

Dear Lucky Winner,

We are pleased to inform you that your e-mail address has won the Siemens Draw Promo.Therefore you have been approve for a lump sum payout (750,000.00 GBP) Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterlings.

Please fill the contact form given below.


Look at that, 750,000 pounds! Not dollars, pounds-- the good stuff! Haha!

Oh boy, I can't wait to collect my winnings... ;)
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Gunstar FPS

Just had an awesome idea... a Gunstar Heroes-inspired FPS.

You can only hold two weapons at a time, but the weapons can be combined to create a new weapon.

Each weapon would have to be unique, to ensure that all the combinations would be interesting. So I suggest...

Ripper (Unreal Tournament): Fires spinning blades which bounce off walls.

Rocket Launcher: Fires explosive rockets in a straight line which explode on impact.

Flame Thrower: 'Nuff said

Biorifle (Unreal tournament): Fires globs of acidic goo which stick to surfaces and enemies, damaging them.

Now to combine them...

Biorifle/Ripper: Globs of goo which bounce along the floor, seeking out the nearest person.

Biorifle/Rocket Launcher: Proximity bombs which detonate after a set time if not triggered.

Biorifle/Flame Thrower: Sprays napalm which coats enemies, keeping them burning for longer, and coats floors.

Ripper/Rocket Launcher: Fires bouncing rockets which explode when they hit an enemy or on third bounce. Alternatively, rockets explode in a shower of grenades.

Ripper/Flame Thrower: Shoots a bouncing fireball which does significant damage on a direct hit but also sets people near it on fire.

Rocket Launcher/Flame Thrower: As normal rocket launcher, but anyone hit by splash damage is set on fire.
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Front Fell Off

I can't imagine this video is a real interview, but regardless it's fucking hilarious.

Update: It's not real, it's from a pair of Aussie comedians. They've got some other good stuff on youtube linked from that video along the same lines.
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The new packaging for lunchables really threw me for a loop. The very conservative design featuring simple, matter-of-fact illustrations and text made me think when I first saw them that someone had found a crate of lunchables from the '50s and put them out for sale on accident.

It's really quite refreshing to see a brand opt for simplification. I'd like to see more do the same.
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So there's a lawn in front of a court house in Eastern Tennessee where people file for permits and put up various statues.

As I'm sure you can imagine, this has caused a bit of a problem among people with varying viewpoints.

The twist here is that that last statement is a bold-faced lie. Everything is entirely reasonable, and it's actually quite interesting and refreshing to see. They allow a variety of displays including a Jesus statue and a FSM statue, and everyone seems to be taking it all with good humor.

Now why can't more places be like that?